We get asked a lot of questions about our program & dealership. Here you can learn about what we do, and how we help you get the car you deserve.

Why choose us

Local Family Dealership
Low Down Payments
Short term Loans
Warranty is available

What is the minimum credit score?

Our banks are not basing your approval on just your credit score. We base it on working people who need to start and build credit. We have helped people with no credit and we work with a lot of people with credit problems. In either case it’s not a certain score we need it’s who we are working with and their ability to pay.
Will you work with someone who had a repo or repossession in their past?
Absolutely. A reposetion often means a bad situation or time you’ve had to go through and you weren’t able to pay

What about Bankruptcies?

Yes. Once the Bankruptcy is finalized, we can get you approved.

I was involved in an accident and my car is not paid off?

Yes. We need the document(s) from your insurance company showing the car has been deemed totaled


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