Key Factors for Choosing Used Car From a Dealership

Posted Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023

Choosing Used Car From a Dealership

Used car dealerships offer much more than just budget-friendly cars on sale. These establishments present a myriad of benefits waiting to be uncovered, including exceptional customer service, simplified financing alternatives, and an extensive array of vehicle options at your disposal.

Debunking a prominent misconception about the used car dealership sphere, it's evident that their core objective isn't solely maximizing profits. An in-depth examination of well-regarded used car dealerships swiftly dispels this notion. With that in mind, let's delve into the primary merits associated with opting to purchase from a used car dealership.

Pros of Choosing a Used Car Dealership for Your Purchase

1. Extensive Range of Selection

Reputable used car dealerships maintain a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, unlike private sellers who may only have access to one option (or two at most). The dealerships also give you the chance to test drive as many cars as you want before you can buy them.

In other words, if you want to get the best possible car in your budget, then it may be a good idea to choose a used car dealership.

2. Enhanced Decision-Making Period

You may think that dealerships want you to buy a used car right away, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that most dealerships have a sales quota to meet, their primary objective is to ensure that the buyer walks away with a positive experience.

Most dealerships will give you up to 48 hours (or even more) to think over your decision before parting with your money.

Having the ability to buy a used car after you’ve thoroughly evaluated all your options helps you make an informed decision.

3. Payment Flexibility

For obvious reasons, you can’t expect the average private seller to give you flexible payment options. Most private sellers will ask for cash upfront to sign off on the deal, unless they’re friends or relatives.

This can be a problem for buyers who may be strapped for cash and are unable to arrange enough cash right away. With a used car dealership, on the other hand, you have plenty of options.

These options include making monthly repayments on the car or simply taking a loan, so you won’t have to break into your savings. Moreover, used car dealerships may offer auto loans on suboptimal credit scores. This is great news if your credit score isn’t where it should be.

Used car dealerships evaluate your goals, preferences, and financial factors in mind before offering payment options.

4. Enhanced Buyer Safeguards

Private sellers don’t really have a reputation to uphold - after all, their goal is to sell off the car as soon as possible and move on. Used car dealerships, on the other hand, are on the hook long after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

They have a reputation to maintain in their community to ensure that customers keep coming back for more used cars. However, if the used car dealership acquires a bad rep for selling low-quality used cars, they will quickly run out of business. Knowing that their reputation is at stake, used car dealerships may be willing to offer more buyer protection.

Pro tip: Before buying from a used car dealership, check out testimonials from previous clients on their website and on third-party review platforms like Trustpilot and Yelp.

5.  Negotiation

Private sellers often set a very strict price with very little room for bargaining or negotiating because their financial goals depend on the outcome of the transaction.

This isn’t the case with used car dealerships since they have more wiggle room for negotiations. The business model for most used car dealerships is to sell many vehicles at a lower price. In many cases, if the dealership is at least breaking even, they may be willing to part with the used car.

This not only boosts their reputation but also helps them retain their loyal customers.

6. Superior Vehicle Quality

Even if a private seller doesn’t have malicious intentions, they may not be savvy enough to recognize major or minor problems with their car. This means you could possibly be buying a used car that is just one block away from breaking down and requiring extensive repairs. However, once the private buyer has washed their hands off the used car, so will their responsibility for the car too.

Compare this with used car dealerships that maintain high-quality vehicles in immaculate condition. In some cases, the dealership may have access to cars that are only a few years old.

7. Trade-In Option for Your Previous Car

Most private sellers aren’t offering to buy your old car for you; this means you now have to worry about two transactions instead of one.

Most used car dealerships offer you the option to exchange your old car. There are several benefits of doing this, including, of course, the ability to offset the new purchase. I

Used car dealerships often take care of all the paperwork (of which there may be a lot to manage), which can be a minefield to navigate properly. Finally, you won’t have to worry about refunding the transaction if the dealership isn’t happy with your used car (since they will have thoroughly evaluated your car).

In more ways than one, going through a used car dealership is both financially advantageous and convenient.

8. Sales Assistance

The sales team at used car dealerships is well-trained to manage your requests, show you around the dealership, and help you choose a vehicle that aligns with your goals and preferences.

You will also test drive the car before buying it, without any pressure to buy right away. This probably won’t be possible with a private seller, who may expect you to buy the car right after a test drive.

With the support of a salesperson on your side, you can easily find a solution that addresses your pain points.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it, a detailed look at why buying from a used car dealership is both advantageous and convenient. From affordability and flexibility of payments to higher quality cars and greater buyer protection, the benefits are numerous.

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